Nose Reshaping at Aestheticon®

nose-reshaping-secondThe spectrum of nose reshaping procedures encompasses all kind of surgical as well as non-surgical procedures, performed by long-time experienced board certified plastic/ aesthetic surgeons.
The correction and external shaping of the nose is one of the most demanding operations in the large field plastic/ aesthetic surgery. Of particular importance is that the surgeon regards the patient and her or his nose in its entirety, in order to model an individual nose which matches the shape of the patient’s face.
Aesthetic nose surgeries can range from nose tip corrections to a remodeling of the complete nose. The procedures are accomplished from the inner area of the nose, invisible from the outside.
The intervention is usually carried out under local or general anesthesia as a daycare procedure.
In some cases, non-surgical nose reshaping procedures are convenient to model the shape of the nose. These procedures are performed by applying fillers for example to model the back of the nose.


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