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Filler Treatments – Use & Effect of Absorbable Fillers

Plastic/ aesthetic surgeon Dr. Ghofrani explains filler treatments and…

Botulinum Toxin and its Application

Plastic/ aesthetic surgeon Dr. Ghofrani explains method and effect of …

Eyelid Surgery For Men – Dr. Ghofrani Explains the Specifics

Aesthetic face and breast expert Dr. Ghofrani, talking about #eyelidsu…

Reconstructive Surgery of the Breast

Breast Reconstruction after breast cancer treatment: Plastic, reconstr…

Breast Enlargement with Implants & Simultaneous Lifting

Enlarging the breast with implants gives good results when the skin of…

Non surgical nose reshaping. Dr Shahram Sajjadi from Aestheticon explains the use of fillers

Certain aesthetic deformities of the nose can be corrected by applying…

Price over quality in Aesthetic Surgery? Dr. Afschin Ghofrani states his view on this topic.

It amazes that still many people are not willing to compromise the qua…

Dr. Afschin Ghofrani about Trigger Finger Treatment, Aestheticon Clinic

It can affect all five fingers of the hand but most commonly the thumb…

Aestheticon’s rhinoplasty specialist Dr Shahram Sajjadi

Dr. Shahram about his credentials and his ways of doing a rhinoplasty

Patient testimonial after a Composite Facelift

Patient shares her experience after a composite Facelift performed by …

Composite Facelift by Dr. Afschin Ghofrani

Dr. Ghofrani from Aestheticon in Dubai explains the composite Facelift…

Aestheticon Clinic Dubai

Welcome to The International Center for Plastic/ Aesthetic Surgery, H…

Dr Afschin Ghofrani interviewed at ICAAM2014 by eZeLiving

Shahriar Shahabi interviewing Dr. Ghofrani during the ICAAM2014 confer…


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