The Treatment of Breast Diseases and Breast Reconstruction at Aestheticon®

Breast diseases: What kind of surgeries are offered and why you will be in safe hands

“It’s such a good feeling to have normal breasts…”

Aestheticon®’s spectrum encompasses surgeries beginning with breast biopsies, removal of non-cancerous (benign) nodule formations up to complete reconstruction surgeries after full mastectomies.

Difficile? Definitely, it is. The precondition of a successful evaluation of the best procedure for the patient and the performing of the necessary surgery itself, is a well-founded training of the plastic surgeons and many, many years of experience in the multiplicity of breast surgeries – you can be assured at Aestheticon®.

Breast Reconstruction In Dubai

In order to get informed about the credentials of the medical director of Aestheticon®, please read the respective information “Managing Director”.

The surgical procedure: What are the details?

Depending on the kind and scope of the surgery, the procedures are performed either under local anesthesia as a day care procedure or under general anesthesia with a hospital stay of 1-3 days. Further details regarding surgery time, as well as aftercare and recovery time are different from case to case and will of course be discussed accordingly during a consultation with one of Aestheticon®’s breast surgeons.

Possible Risks: What kind of complications can occur after a breast surgery?

Aestheticon® ensures a maximum safety for the performing of surgeries and the long-time experience of the doctors speak for themselves. Nevertheless, we will mention some possible complications: Swelling, after-bleeding, infection and scarring. Details of possible risks and complications will be discussed in-depth, when consulting our breast specialist, who will be pleased to answer all your questions.

Further information: Do you have any additional questions, are you interested in receiving further information or would you like to book an appointment?

Our staff would be delighted to advise you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via contact form/ email or just give us a call. We look forward to receiving your request.


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