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Small surgery- huge impact: How does a nipple correction improve the appearance or function of the breast?

“It is such a huge difference with my breasts…”

Nipple correction procedures are small surgeries in relative terms, but have a huge impact on breast appearance and – as the case may be – function.

Either congenital factors or changes in the course of life can result in an unproportioned too large nipple or/ and areola (the colored ring around the nipple), an inverted nipple or a nipple prolapse (which appears like a swelling). These findings may necessitate a correction to recondition the function e.g. the breast feeding ability or “just” to improve the appearance. Especially women, who suffer from too large nipples/ areolas benefit extremely from these small procedures.

Nipple Correction Dubai

On top we offer complete nipple/ areola reconstruction procedures at Astheticon®, which are required for example in the frame of a breast reconstruction after a breast amputation.

The majority of nipple/ areola surgeries is performed under local anaesthesia as an outpatient procedure and the intervention will take between ½ to 1.0 hours, depending on the scope of the surgery.

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