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Gynecomastia/ pseudo gynecomastia: Are these conditions common and can they be eliminated by performing a male breast reduction?

“It was a metamorphosis.”

Gynecomastia and pseudo gynecomastia describe the conditions of enlarged male breasts due to excess glandular tissue, fat tissue and/ or skin tissue. Either one breast (unilaterally) or both breasts (bilaterally) can be affected. The causes are multifarious such as hormonal imbalance of the testosterone/ estrogen ratio, heredity, special diseases, obesity or the use of certain medication or drugs and this unpleasant condition can occur in all ages.

While gynecomastia in infants and during puberty usually disappears without any treatment, many adult men have permanently and are suffering from it. Physical exercises, sun bathing and swimming or just wearing tight clothes are studiously avoided – understandable, but suffering is not necessary at all. By performing a male breast reduction procedure, excess tissue will be thoroughly eliminated, resulting in the desired, typically flat mal chest – you will feel relieved.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery In Dubai

Male breast reduction: How is the procedure like?

Which kind of procedure will provide the best results for you, will be evaluated during a consultation with one of Aestheticon®’s long-term experienced plastic surgeons.

If merely the breast volume is too big, the breast reduction can be performed by liposuction. At Aestheticon® we offer the minimal invasive, approved tumescent liposuction method, also called gold standard method: Through a small incision, excess fat will be removed by liposuction, resulting in a flat male chest with permanent effect – subject to the condition that the surgery is performed by a well-trained and skilled plastic surgeon (please see also our separate information to liposuction.

In case of prominent findings, a liposuction is not sufficient to flatten the chest and a sophisticated plastic surgeon at Aestheticon® will reduce the skin envelope in addition. Special attention is paid to the correct positioning of the nipple/ areola complex, which is essential to achieve a natural and aesthetic appearance of the chest – a matter of course at Aestheticon®.

The procedure is performed either in local or under general anesthesia and takes 1 to 3 hours, depending on the scope of the surgery.

Recovery time after a breast reduction/ lifting surgery: How long should you rest?

Depending on the kind of performed male breast reduction, you should take your time of 1 to 5 days to recover and you should avoid vigorous activities during the healing process.

The price of a gynecomastia surgery: How much does it cost and is the surgery covered by health insurances?

The price of a gynecomastia surgery depends on your individual findings and desire and on the surgical method as well as the scope of the surgery. In order to evaluate the exact costs, we would recommend a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons at Aestheticon®.

In case of medical indicated procedures, consultations and interventions can be eligible for a reimbursement by health insurance companies. Our staff will be pleased to assist you regarding reimbursement procedures.

Possible Risks: What kind of complications can occur after a gynecomastia surgery?

Aestheticon® ensures a maximum safety for the performing of surgeries and the long-time experience of the doctors speak for themselves. Nevertheless, we will mention some possible complications: Swelling, breast pain, after-bleeding, infection and scarring. Details of possible risks and complications will be discussed in-depth, when consulting one of our plastic surgeons, who will be pleased to answer all your questions.

Further information: Do you have any additional questions, are you interested in receiving further information or would you like to book an appointment?

Our staff would be delighted to advise you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via contact form/ email or just give us a call. We look forward to receiving your request.


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