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“I have had 8 laser hair treatments at Aestheticon Clinic in JLT and seen fantastic results.”

What method has the highest efficiency and is it save?

Nowadays laser hair removal is the most effective method for long-term hair removal. Aestheticon® is equipped exclusively with the best and fastest laser systems of highest standards and offers laser hair removal for all treatable skin and hair types.

laser hair removal dubai

Focusing on maximum safety for the patients, all lasers are FDA- approved (U.S. Food and Drug Administration of the U.S. Government Department of Health and Human Services) or CE-marked (“Conformité Européene”, which means “European Conformity”), which defines the quality standards for medical treatments and products in the U.S.A. respective Europe and just stands for safety.
And you may rest assured that only licensed laser specialists and medical doctors with the necessary credentials, the appropriate training as well as extensive experience will perform the laser procedures at Aestheticon®. This is not only an essential pre-requirement for your safety, but also the best premise for an optimized treatment program, leading to bests results in a shortest amount of time.

Aestheticon® offers most advanced laser hair removal treatments: What are the state-/of-the-art laser hair removal systems?

Aestheticon® is equipped with an all-encompassing American state-of-the-art laser system, combining an alexandrite laser and a YAG laser, eminently suitable for the broadest range of customers.
Due to large spot sizes and higher power, your treatment time can be reduced significantly in comparison to an average hair removal laser.
Two supplementary and clinically proven wavelengths make the laser hair removal systems applicable to all types of treatable skin and hair, from darkest to lightest skin.
Not forgetting our patients’ well being; implemented is a sophisticated air cooling system in order to achieve maximum comfort during the laser procedure. Additionally, we will be using the most suitable laser head for the chosen treatment area on your body.

Treating of body hair, ingrown hair, avoiding of razor bumps: What are the fields of application and the benefits of laser hair removal?

Almost all body areas with undesired hair growth can be treated and unwanted hair will be eliminated or remarkably reduced. The main target areas for laser hair removal are face, arms, armpits, bikini area, legs, chest and back.
Furthermore, laser hair removal procedures are excellently capable to treat ingrown hair as well as to avoid the development of razor bumps.
You will notice, that unwanted hair will be eliminated completely or the growth of hair will be remarkably reduced as the treatments progress. Depending on different parameters like skin and hair type and the customized setting of the laser system, the number of needed treatments as well as the results vary with each single person.
Laser hair removal versus conventional hair removal methods: Is there a comparable alternative for a laser hair removal treatment?
Maybe you are bothered by conventional hair removal methods such as shaving, epilation, depilation or painful methods like waxing and threading?! These –temporary -procedures are not merely annoying, but are in fact extremely time-consuming and costly.
It wasn’t out of the blue that laser hair removal came out on top during the last years and is now the most remarkable and effective technology for permanently reducing hair growth. It has become one of the most performed cosmetic procedures, popular with both female and male – without any comparable alternative.

Laser beams target and destroy hair follicle pigments: How does laser hair removal work?

When we talk about laser hair removal, we mean “selective photothermolysis”, which defines the targeting of a specific wavelength of light on a specific tissue area.
Laser beams, which are rays of highly concentrated light, target selectively melanin pigments in the hair respective hair follicles, which absorb the light and get thereby destroyed. In addition, the laser selects its target based on size. Large hair follicles are heated while small skin cells remain cool and untouched, also in case they should be dark pigmented.
Light skin and dark coarse hair are the easiest to treat, however due to Aestheticon®’s most advanced laser system, patients of any skin color can be treated effectively.

Assessment of your findings and setting of the laser system: What is your skin/ hair type and what are the adjustments of the laser systems?

Before starting the first laser session, the laser therapist doctor will identify your skin type according to the Fitzpatrick Scale, which identifies hair, skin and eye color as well as sun reactions. The scale includes 6 types: Type I with red hair, white skin and blue-green eyes and untanned skin up to type 6 with black hair, darkest skin and a dark eye color (
According to the identified skin type, the location, density and quality of hair, the most effective laser wavelength will be chosen and the laser system settings will be adjusted to the findings and requirements. In order to perfect the settings, the laser therapist will make small test spots with different settings. Therefore, specific laser parameters will be considered, which are pulse width (duration), repetition rate, spot size, energy level and cooling system. Subsequently we will analyze the skin and will evaluate the treatment plan with the best individualized setting for you.

Before the treatment: What are the Do’s and Don’ts?

If you are planning to undergo a laser hair removal treatment, you should avoid unprotected sun exposure or tanning beds to ensure a most effective procedure, but due to our most advanced technique, we can even provide effective treatments for tanned skin.
Starting two weeks prior to the treatment date, we recommend not to wax or pluck the hair because these procedures pull out the follicles, but you may cut or shave your hair.
Within 24 hours prior to the procedure, you can shave the treatment area to remove overlying hair, which would absorb the laser energy and could lead to superficial thermal injury. Of course our staff members would also be pleased to prepare the treatment areas for you at Aestheticon® immediately before the laser procedure.
Before the treatment you shouldn’t apply any lotions, creams or make-up on the area of concern as it will be removed anyway.

The laser hair removal procedure: How is the preparation and what is the procedure like?

Through shaving of all unwanted hair before starting the procedure we assure, that the laser energy targets the hair follicle most effectively. Depending on the area of concern, the specialist will choose the best laser head for the most comfortable and fastest treatment.
The laser therapist will mark the treatment areas with a removable skin liner to assure a systematically and area-covering treatment.
In order to protect the eyes, you will get special glasses, which will cover your eyes properly and which you need to wear during the whole treatment time.
By application of the laser head on your skin you will feel the coldness of the cooling system. Discomfort can be significantly reduced due to the unique cooling devices providing either contact cooling or air cooling. In addition, for particularly sensitive skin areas, we will ease any discomfort by applying a numbing crème.
With each laser shot you will feel a needle-like pricking, when the laser head is moved once over the entire area with unwanted hair. One single treatment will target the currently existing hair in the active growth phase, which will fall out within the next weeks. With each following treatment, less hair will grow and hair thickness and color intensity will decrease.
The procedure time for one session depends on diverse factors such as skin and hair color, the body location and the density of hair.

Hair grows in phases: Why are several laser hair removal sessions needed?

Hair has different growth phases and the laser treatment is most effective when the hair follicles are in the active, so-called anagen phase ( As the hair all follicles are not at the same growth phase at any given point of time, subsequent laser treatments are needed to affect most of the hair follicles.
Permanent reduction of hair requires several treatments at intervals of usually 4 – 8 weeks. The number of required sessions varies from individual to individual, making it difficult to determine the exact amount of needed treatments, but on average at least 5 sessions are to be expected. Of course our specialists have empirical values and can estimate the round figure of necessary treatments after analyzing your skin and hair. Therefore, we would recommend to visit Aestheticon® for a consultation and an assessment of your individual findings.

Prices: How much does laser hair removal treatment cost?

The costs for a treatment ranges due to different factors, including the size of the area, which will be treated and the number of required sessions, which are dependent on the skin, hair color, hair quantity and quality.
Attention should be paid to the fact that an experienced doctor respective laser therapist has the capability to evaluate optimal adjustments of the chosen laser hair removal system for your benefit, as that will lead to the best possible result in the shortest period of time. This can be even perfected through switching between the different laser systems at Aestheticon®.

After a laser hair removal treatment: What is the post procedure and what are the side effects and risks?

You can get back to your daily activities immediately after the laser hair removal/ reduction session, as there is no down-time. If the treated area may feel hot, we will offer you ice treatment for further cooling, which you could also continue at home if needed. Additionally, moisturizers can help to calm the skin. This feeling can last up to 2 days and is normal. Sometimes the skin will temporarily turn pink or red, accentuation or swelling around the hair follicle, blistering or a developing of pustules or pimples may occur during the first few days. Please avoid unprotected sun exposure and apply a broad spectrum sunscreen, before going out.
Side effects such as scarring, permanent skin discoloration or changes of the skin texture are rare, but should be mentioned for the sake of completeness.
Thanks to the professional experience of our specialists, these potential risks can be reduced to a minimum by choosing the correct laser system and appropriate settings for your individual findings and needs.

Contraindications: In what cases shouldn’t you undergo a laser hair removal treatment?

In case of pregnancy, hypersensitivity to light or a medication that is known to increase sensitivity to sunlight, experts advise against a laser hair removal treatment. Further contraindications are discussed in detail in the frame of a consultation with our experienced laser therapist.
Due to the laser removal method in principle, it is not possible to successfully treat patients without hair pigments such as white hair, whereas coarse dark hair on light skin are easiest to treat


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