Dr. Afschin Ghofrani, Managing and Medical Director of Aestheticon®

“Dr. Ghofrani is a fantastic doctor – highly skilled as a surgeon and with a wonderfully reassuring manner.”

Dr. Ghofrani is a German board certified Plastic/ Aesthetic Surgeon and Hand Surgeon

Since 1992 he has been working in the field of plastic/ aesthetic surgery, hand surgery, reconstructive surgery as well as burns and trauma treatment and is a trained and certified emergency doctor with many years of experience in intensive care medicine.

Providing the entire spectrum of plastic/ aesthetic procedures

During his professional career, Dr. Ghofrani has been performing a vast number of surgeries and has been treating patients from all over the world, including politicians and business leaders as well as celebrities from the music, show/ film and sports business.

Dr. Ghofrani’s main focus is on plastic/ aesthetic surgeries and his spectrum encompasses the entire field of this specialization, including procedures such as:
Plastic/ aesthetic facial surgery: face and neck lift, forehead and eyebrow lift, eye lid surgery, rhinoplasty, lip shaping, liposuction, ear correction, facial fat reduction and transfer, cheek and chin augmentation.

Plastic/ aesthetic breast surgery: breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction for both genders, breast diseases and reconstruction, nipple surgery, implant revision and removal.

Plastic/ aesthetic body surgery: tummy tuck, fat transfer, liposuction, body lifting and shaping, buttock lift, arm and thigh lift, mommy makeover intimate procedures, sweating.

Filler and Botulinumtoxin treatments: of face and body, lipofilling, excessive sweating, gummy smile
Plastic/ Reconstructive surgery: lifting after weight loss, tumor surgery, scar correction, mole/ wart/ skin tag removal etc.

Dr Afschin Ghofrani Plastic Surgeon In Dubai

  • Member of the Association of German Plastic Surgeons (DGPRAEC)
  • Member of the German Association of Hand Surgery (DGH)
  • Member of the Emirates Plastic Surgery Society
  • Area Director Consultant of BNI (the world’s largest networking organization) for New & South Dubai until April 2020
  • Overseas Fellow Member of the Royal Society of Medicine, UK.

Remarkable plastic / aesthetic surgeries

Especially to be highlighted are surgical methods, performed by Dr. Ghofrani, which are only offered by very few plastic surgeons worldwide, including the most comprehensive and effective face lifting procedure, the “Composite Face Lift” and most advanced breast surgery techniques, such as the “Central Pedicle Technique”, which is also suitable for women, who still want to do breast feeding, furthermore an advanced tummy tuck method by operating with an internal bodice.

Hand surgery

A further field of Dr. Ghofrani’s specialization is hand surgery, including aesthetic anti-aging procedures, treatment of arthritis, deformities, correction surgeries, injuries including sport injuries, diseases such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Snapping finger, Dupuytren’s Disease, Musician’s dystonia, cysts to name but a few.

Professional milestones

– Dr. Ghofrani studied human medicine at the RWTH Aachen in Germany and graduated with final marks amongst the top 2 % of students in 1992. His surgical career began at Europe’s largest university hospital in Aachen, at the clinic department of Plastic/ Reconstructive Surgery, Hand Surgery & Burns Trauma Center, where he received an extensive training in all aspects of plastic/ reconstructive surgery and hand surgery, the treatment of severe burns patients as well as intensive care and emergency medicine and completed his clinical research with his doctoral thesis.

– In 1997, he started working at the St. Agatha Hospital in Cologne, with one of the most famous plastic surgeons in Germany. Specifically focusing on plastic/ aesthetic surgery of face and body as well as body contouring, Dr. Ghofrani got promoted to an assistant medical director.

– In 1998 Dr. Ghofrani received the certificate ‘Specialist of Plastic Surgery’ from the medical chamber in Nordrhein-Westfalen/ Germany, being the youngest German board certified Plastic Surgeon at the age of 32, and three years later he received the certificate ‘Specialist of Hand Surgery’.

– In 2003, at the age of 36, he was offered to head a new department of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery at the Evangelic Hospital in Giessen, near Frankfurt, which he established from scratch to an internationally renowned department, with patients from all over Germany and abroad.

– In 2010 Dr. Ghofrani moved to Dubai to offer his services to the multicultural society on site as well as to international patients and was instrumental in launching Aestheticon® – International Center of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Treatments and Hand Surgery – in 2012.

– Regarding Dr. Ghofrani’s scientific career, he was the initiator and head of various research projects and published diverse articles in national and international specialist journals and books. Consistently he is invited to give lectures at national and international scientific conferences and workshops. For further information please read at Blog & News.

– Dr. Ghofrani is a

  • Member of the Association of German Plastic Surgeons (DGPRAEC)
  • Member of the German Association of Hand Surgery (DGH)
  • Member of the Emirates Plastic Surgery Society
  • Area Director Consultant of BNI (the world’s largest networking organization) for New & South Dubai,
  • Overseas Fellow Member of the Royal Society of Medicine, UK.


“I felt trust instantly when I met Dr. Ghofrani. He was able to reassure me that my health would be the primary objective and that aesthetics would not be far behind. He always took the time to explain to me in detail what I could expect in a non-defensive and clear way I felt safe and cared for and absolutely delighted with the outcome.”
R.C., Dubai


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