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An Overview on Breast Surgeries at Aestheticon®

A broad variety of breast surgery techniques: Which procedures are provided at Aestheticon®?

“…My breasts have the ideal size and are very natural…”

One of Aestheticon®’s absolute top specialties are breast surgeries. It is not only the point, that we cover the entire spectrum of breast surgeries for women as well as gentlemen (!), moreover our sophisticated plastic/ aesthetic surgeons know all the tricks and knacks to model a breast, which leaves nothing to be desired.

Aestheticon®’s breast surgery spectrum encompasses breast reduction and alignment for ladies and gentlemen, breast augmentation by implants or fat transfer (lipo-augmentation), breast lift, implant revision or removal, nipple correction, breast disease and reconstruction, in summary all up-to-date proven and safe breast surgery techniques and – as a matter of course – at the highest level.

Just to give you a brief idea: At Aestheticon® it is a fact, that a breast reduction surgery can be performed by preserving the original sensation and breast feeding ability! Good news, especially for all women, who are suffering from too large breasts and are planning to get a baby. There is definitely no need to bear pain and to wait for a reduction surgery until the family planning is completed.

An Overview on Breast Surgeries at Aestheticon®



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