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The most important area of the face, when it comes to appearance and youth, is the so called mid face area. This area includes the eyes and cheeks down to the lips. Aging of the eyelids and developing eye bags and an aged mid face contributes to great extend to an aged look.

At Aestheticon we consider the eyelid and mid face area as a unit and strive to improve and correct these areas together. Whenever a patient needs an upper and lower eyelid lift we will also assess the level of aging of the mid face and correct it by lifting the cheek mass to its original position. By doing so all signs of ageing will be corrected together at the same time resulting in a long lasting truly youthful appearance.

Upper eyelid lift:

Eyelid Surgery In Dubai

Some patient may only require an upper eyelid lift. In these cases the procedure will be performed in local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. Excess of skin, muscle and fat will be removed and the natural upper eyelid crease reconstructed. The procedure will take between 30 to 45 min. and healing time is around 5 to 7 days.

Patients can resume their normal daily activity after 2 days, wearing shaded glasses.

Lower eyelid lift:

Usually lower eyelid lifts are performed together with upper eyelid lifts. In rare cases, especially in men it may be sufficient to only correct the lower eyelid and eye bags, if the upper eyelid is still youthful.

At Aestheticon we use a very special technique for lower eyelid and eye bag correction. We utilize the fat and septum to cover the bony edge of the orbit and utilize the muscle to suspend the lower eyelid and the entire midface upwards. This creates a youthful appearance of the mid face area and repositions the sunken cheek fat to its original position, as described by Dr. Sam Hamra.

This procedure requires a general anesthesia as an outpatient. Recovery time is 5 to 7 days and work could be resumed after 3 to 4 days, wearing shaded glasses.


Will the scars be visible?

In case of the upper eyelid the scar will lay in the eyelid crease and be invisible with your eyes open. Even with your eyes shut it will in most of the cases only show a very thin white line, which is barely noticeable. For the lower eyelid lift the scar runs right under the eyelashes and extends into the natural lines around the eye, thus being also almost invisible.

What are the risks?

Possible risk involve bleeding, infection or asymmetry. In very rare cases an ectropion or excessive scarring. After a thorough personal assessment of your condition you will be advised about the involved risks case per case.

Is the effect long lasting?

With the surgical technique that we use at Aestheticon you will see an improvement of your appearance even after 10 years or longer. The effect is very long lasting because it corrects the underlying cause of ageing effectively and entirely.


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