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Aestheticon® provides not only breast enlargement surgeries at the highest level, it is the clinic for breast augmentation and comprehensive breast surgeries. As one of only a few clinics, Aestheticon®’s gives you the option to choose between the natural looking, anatomic/teardrop implants and the classic, round implants, just as you like, , both styles as a matter of course of safest and best quality. For those, who prefer the complete natural way, our sophisticated plastic surgeons will apply body’s own tissue via fat transfer, giving not only the breast an attractive new shape, but modeling on top the body at the area of removal.

Breast Augmentation Dubai

Deciding on a breast augmentation: What are the reasons to go for a breast augmentation?

A breast augmentation is performed in case of too small breasts, which can have multifarious reasons such as congenital findings (for example asymmetries), findings after surgeries like a mastectomy or after breast cancer, conditions after pregnancy and breast feeding or just physical changes in the course of years.

Whatever the reasons may be, too small breasts can cause discomfort up to psychological stress. A breast augmentation offers an excellent opportunity of modeling a natural and attractively shaped breast with the desired breast volume, resulting in a beautification as well as in an increase of well-being.

Breast implants or fat transfer: What kind of breast enhancement is recommendable?

Aestheticon® provides breast enlargement by either using implants or applying body’s own tissue via fat transfer, which are the prime up-to-date methods for long-term solutions. What kind of method will be applied is almost totally up to you, nevertheless Aestheticon®’s sophisticated breast specialist/ plastic surgeon will give his experiential advice and make his recommendation, taking account of your individual condition and desire.

Highest quality breast implants in Dubai: What kind of implants are the best and safest?

Of highest importance for your maximum safety are on the one hand the skills of a certified and experienced plastic surgeon, on the other hand a thorough selection of implant types, which should have distinct implant features. Especially to be highlighted are the terms ‘cohesive silicone gel’, ‘medical grade silicone’, ‘FDA-approved’ or ‘CE-marked’. Aestheticon® simply fulfills each of these requirements.

For a safe long-term use, only highest quality implants with cohesive silicone gel from market leaders are applied at Aestheticon®. They are either CE-marked (“Conformité Européene”, what means “European Conformity”) or FDA-approved. CE-marking includes the declaration of the manufacturer, “that the product complies with the essential requirements of the protection legislation of European health, safety and environment” ( The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration of the U.S. Government Department of Health and Human Services) is the institution, which presets the quality standard for breast implants in the U.S.A. (

Considering the fact, that the implants of only a few producers are either CE-marked or FDA- approved, the ones offered at Aestheticon® are all among them.

Medical grade silicone implants of cohesive silicone gel – gummy bear silicone: What is a medical grade, cohesive silicone gel and why should only this be applied?

In order to assure maximum safety for the patients, for the implant production a so-called ‘medical grade silicone’ has to be achieved, meaning that the produced silicone quality meets the standard for the use for medical purposes.

Fine-tuned cross-linking of silicone elastomers makes the material cohesive. The implants will be composed of an outer envelope and an inner gel, both made of cohesive silicone gel. Cohesiveness is an important feature, which gives the implants strength against rupturing and tearing, assures the longevity of the implant and its shape and above provides an aesthetic solution with a natural feeling, which is comparable to body’s own tissue.

Different implant styles: Why does Aestheticon® provide round and anatomic implant styles?

The answer is simple: Aestheticon®’’ breast specialists aim to provide the perfect implant solution for you for a most attractive enhancement of the breast, for a most attractive, holistic body shape and this is the reason, why Aestheticon® offers the entire selection of implant styles, anatomic and round implants.

For sure, this is not the only choice – although the most important one – you will have. There is a broad variety of different implant sizes, profiles, surface textures etc. out of a thoroughly picked selection of highest quality implant manufacturers.

Summed up, many factors to consider, but our breast specialists will be pleased to advise you, taking your individual condition and desire into account, in order to achieve the best possible, individual solution, resulting in a natural feeling and attractive appearance.

Breast augmentation surgery with implants: What is the procedure like?

Routinely a breast surgery in Dubai is performed in one of our partner hospitals. A breast enlargement surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

Before the surgery, the next choices need to be made for an optimized enhancement, but all of them are all up to Aestheticon®’s experienced breast surgeons. Considering the incision method and the positioning options for the implants, Aestheticon®’s specialists will assure, that the implant will be placed in a proper position, perfecting the embellishment of the breast. A small incision will be done at the edge of the nipple or under the breast, hidden in the lower mammary fold. Forming a pocket, the implant will be placed either above or under the breast muscle, which is depending on your findings and the doctor’s recommendation. The sensitivity of the breast will be preserved and the ability to breast-feeding won’t be restricted.

On average breast augmentation surgery takes approximately 1 hour and the hospitalization period lasts one day, including an overnight stay.

In case of sagged breasts, a simultaneous breast lifting surgery should be considered to achieve an attractive shaped and positioned breast. Please be aware of the fact, that positioning and shaping cannot be compensated by merely applying larger implants.

Recovery time after a breast augmentation with implants: How long should you rest?

After the procedure, you should take your time of 10 to 14 days to recover from the surgery, then you can resume your normal daily activities. You will need to wear a supportive bra for approximately 4 to 6 weeks and you should avoid strenuous activities.

The price of a breast augmentation with implants: How much does a breast augmentation cost and is the surgery covered by health insurances?

The price of a breast augmentation depends on your individual findings and desire, the scope of the surgery and the chosen implant type. In order to evaluate the total breast augmentation cost, we would recommend a consultation with one of our experienced plastic surgeons at Aestheticon®.

As an augmentation with breast implants is a cosmetic procedure, the costs are usually not covered by health insurances, however there a few insurances, covering in addition aesthetic procedures.

Monitoring: Will the implants need to be replaced?

The provided silicone implants at Aestheticon® are of highest quality and designed for a long- term use, consequently there is no scheduled replacement of our recommended silicone implants.

You just need to follow your regular medical check-up/ preventive examination, advised by your gynecologist and according to your age, including MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) respective mammograms.

Pre-requirements: Who is a candidate for a breast augmentation with implants?

If you would be a candidate for a breast augmentation, will be evaluated by an experienced plastic surgeon at Aestheticon®. Your desire, the pre-requirements and possibilities will be discussed in detail and accordingly assessed.

As the female breast can still grow until the age of approximately 18 years, the candidates should be at least of this age, when undergoing a breast augmentation.

Fat transfer: What are the alternatives for a breast augmentation with implants?

If you would prefer the body’s own tissue, a fat transfer with perfect biocompatibility is a further excellent and natural way to enhance the breast.

Breast augmentation by fat transfer: What is the fat transfer procedure like?

Depending on the scope of the surgery, it can be performed either under local anesthesia at Aestheticon® or under general anesthesia as a day care procedure in a hospital.

From a body part with fat excess such as hips or thighs, fat tissue will be removed by suctioning and transferred to the breast in order to enhance the volume and to shape the breast attractively.

A fat transfer procedure lasts 1 to 1 ½ hours.

Recovery time after a fat transfer: How long should you rest?

After the procedure, you should take your time of 3 to 5 days to recover from the surgery, then you can get back to your daily routine. You will need to wear a supportive bra for 4 to 6 weeks and should avoid strenuous activities.

Pre-requirements for a breast augmentation by fat transfer: Who is a candidate for a breast augmentation by fat transfer?

If you would be a candidate for a fat transfer will be determined by an experienced plastic surgeon at Aestheticon®. Your desire, the procedure options and the pre-requirements will be discussed and assessed. However, one of the preconditions is the presence of excess fat tissue at other parts of your body such as hips or thighs in order to gain enough cells for the transfer process.

Contraindications: In what cases is a breast augmentation with implants or by fat transfer not advisable?

A breast augmentation is not recommendable for women with a severe disease such as cancer or pre-cancer. The same holds true for pregnant women.

Further breast augmentations for nursing women are unadvisable due to the fact, t, that the breast volume can change sizably during periods of breast-feeding. However, if you had already undergone a breast augmentation surgery, breast-feeding is possible.

Possible Risks: What kind of complications can occur after a breast augmentation with implants or by fat transfer?

Aestheticon® ensures a maximum safety for the performing of surgeries and the long-time experience of the doctors speak for themselves. Nevertheless, we will mention some possible complications: Swelling, breast pain, after-bleeding, infection, scarring and in case of implants a capsular contracture or implant rupture. Details of possible risks and complications will be discussed in-depth, when consulting one of our plastic surgeons.



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