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With Botox, mesotherapy and plenty of sleep, it’s easier than you think to turn back the clock and defeat signs of ageing around the eyes, say experts.

Whether competing with younger colleagues in the boardroom, or just wanting to look their best — more and more people are seeking a youthful appearance nowadays. And with the eyes being one of the first places to show signs of ageing, what can be done to rejuvenate this delicate area?
“The eyes can show their age and look tired before the rest of the face,” says Dr Hossein Yavari, Specialist Dermatologist, Cosmesurge. “This is due to continuous movement around the eye area, as well as the thinness of the skin here. You should turn to surgical intervention if you have excess skin or deep wrinkles that can’t be treated by non-surgical treatments such as Botox and hyaluronic acids or fillers. Seek surgical intervention early on if it is an inherited trait, such as eye bags, or thick muscle rolls beneath the lower lashes, which can be seen in people as young as in their 20s,” he adds.
Depending on their severity, concerns such as puffy eye bags can be a thing of the past through simple treatments at home. Dr Afschin Ghofrani, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon, Hand Surgeon and Medical Director and General Manager, Aestheticon Clinic, says, “Applying cold pads regularly and using an anti-swelling cream can help. If the puffiness is severe, the best choice is surgery for removal of the eye bags.”
Help is also at hand for people who want to say goodbye to crow’s feet. Dr Ghofrani says, “If you already have wrinkles, Botox is the right choice. Otherwise, mesotherapy and gentle microdermabrasions will improve the skin texture over time.”
Additionally, something else that can help rejuvenate your eyes is plenty of early nights. Mairead Wilkinson, Facialist at Pastels Salon, says, “To make the eye area look younger you need plenty of sleep, as our eyes tell us when we haven’t slept enough.

“Drinking hot water with lemon in the morning helps eliminate toxins and puffiness. Also, you need a good eye cream,” she adds.
Rebecca Treston, Founder and Manager of Rebecca Treston Aesthetics at Euromed Clinic, agrees. “It is vital to have a good skincare routine that comprises a professional skincare line rich in antioxidants, prescribed by an aesthetician to address your individual needs. To enhance results, drink plenty of water and follow a healthy diet.”
Sometimes, you need that extra little bit of help. For young mum Joanna Smith, this came sooner than she thought. “I was in my early 30s when my eyes started looking tired. No matter how much sleep I got, or what eye creams I used, I looked old. My father’s family always had heavy, droopy lids, and I must have inherited them. After much deliberation, I had a blepharoplasty (see box) and I am now very happy with the results.”
An easier option for the ladies might be Treston’s last tip: “Use high-quality make-up. A good light-refracting concealer should be the star product in every make-up bag.”

Loose the droop

Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty is often the first procedure people opt for when starting facial rejuvenation processes, says Dr Afschin Ghofrani, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon, Hand Surgeon and Medical Director and General Manager, Aestheticon Clinic. It’s one of the most common procedures in 
surgery worldwide.

Typically, patients are between the ages of 35 and 65, but in some cases the sagging of the skin can start much earlier. The surgery can be performed with local anaesthesia as an outpatient procedure, the downtime being around five days. During surgery the drooping eyelid formation is corrected by removing excess skin, muscle and fatty tissues, and the natural upper lid furrow is reconstructed, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

An upper and lower lid lift can be performed in a single surgery. As a result, the appearance of the patient improves significantly. The scars are unobtrusive and fade away over time.

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