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Out of Aestheticon®’s broad selection of treatments, please see what we would recommend during summer:

Plastic, Aesthetic & Reconstructive procedures (starting prices):

– Fat Transfer: Face, Brazilian Buttock Lift, breast etc.

– Face lift: All kind of, from mini face lift to Composite face lift

– Breast areola/ nipple surgery

– Breast enlargement with fat or implants

– Breast reduction for ladies and gentlemen

– Eyelid surgery: upper, lower or both eyelids

– Rhinoplasty: From non-surgical to full rhinoplasty

– Ear correction/ otoplasty and ear lobe surgery

– Skin Surgery: mole removal, skin tags, warts, scars etc.

– Hair loss treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

– Lip shaping: Bullhorn lift or with fillers

– Botulinum toxin treatments

– Gummy smile treatment

– Excessive sweating


Hand & Foot Surgery (can be eligible for reimbursement of health insurances, starting prices):

– Ganglion

– Toe shortening

– Hand rejuvenation with fillers

– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

– Bunion (Hallux valgus)

Laser Hair Removal in brief – prices for certain areas are up to 50 % off

Skin Care & Skin Rejuvenation (just some examples…)

– Microdermabrasion face

– Deep pore facial cleansing

– Back facial

– Hand peel

– Carbon Peel by Laser

– Holistic facial

– Microneedling – Radio Frequency


What procedure are you interested in?

Please contact us for our superb prices, questions and consultations:

+971-52-9843498 (also WhatsApp)


Saturdays – Thursdays, 10 am – 7 pm

Virtual or telephone consultations for those, who still prefer to stay at home







We look forward to welcoming you!

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Dr. Afschin Ghofrani, Medical Director and Founder of Aestheticon, brings German excellence to the UAE with 27 years of experience in plastic surgery and hand surgery

Born and raised in Germany, Dr. Afschin Ghofrani studied medicine at the RWTH Aachen. “I was always interested in medicine. During my study, I used to work in an intensive care ward to earn extra money. I thought I wanted to become an anesthesiologist, but I’d realised my true calling in plastic surgery after seeing its scope through my doctoral thesis in the field of plastic surgery,” he said.


“Can you avoid a rejuvenation surgery of face and eyes by undergoing repeatedly filler and/ or botulinumtoxin procedures?”

This topic is discussed quite controversially and the answer is not that simple.


The most common aesthetic procedures in the world are filler and botulinum toxin injections. Filler serve the purpose to smoothen deep wrinkles and adding volume to face and body where needed. Botulinum toxin is applied for dynamic wrinkles of the face by paralyzing the underlying muscle temporary.


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Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), Dubai, UAE
P. O. Box 939010 Makani: 13730-74844
Opening Times: Saturday to Thursday 10 am to 7 pm and on appointment
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RTA parking is available. If you need further parking assistance, our clinic driver is at your disposal. Please contact our reception.


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